Ticket request

Ticketanfrage Intro
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With our ticket system, we want to support you in your work in the best possible way. 
The ticket system bundles all requests relating to brand and marketing and forwards them directly to the right contact person. 
Please use the ticket from now on for all your requests to marketing. Separate calls and e-mails should be the exception in future. In the ticket system, your request is traceable and the standardised forms make is easier to process your request.

You can not only request advertising materials via the ticket system, but also order layouts, report errors or request booth designs. In addition, the ticket system is used for the release of country-specific advertising measures. Created advertising materials with high visibility and costs are to be released via the ticket system.

You will receive an e-mail with the process number after the ticket has been sent. To ensure that your request can be processed quickly, it is helpful if you already enter all important information and dates in the ticket.

We are pleased to be able to offer you a service that supports you personally as a brand ambassador, simplifies the brand-specific implementation of measures and reduces costs and effort overall.