Wir regeln das. Seit 1851.

A brand claim is the striking, memorable and extremely condensed communicative statement, which should convey the guiding principle, the vision, the promise, the attitude or the positioning of the company.

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Our claim conveys the value our products provide

Our product solutions have an important function in domestic engineering.

At the important interfaces, they control e.g. the room temperature, the hydronic balance or the hygiene in the potable water.

Oventrop thereby ensures comfort, energy efficiency and safety.

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Our claim conveys the value  “Oventropers” provide:

We take care of our customers and are real problem solvers - at any time, for any issue - and have been doing so for many decades.

"We” is the entire Oventrop team - but also the partnership between Oventrop and the installer, the trade and all players involved.

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How do we use the claim?

The claim appears as corporate desigen element

Claim attached to the logo:

Claim Logo

Claim detached from the logo:

Claim ohne Logo

The claim is not set in any other language than German. It must never be translated.

The claim can be used on textual level - if it makes sense in the overall context of communication.

The claim can, for example, be used at the end of a continuous text:

... The Aquanova system made by Oventrop distributes and heats potable water optimally. And the materials used, such as bronze, guarantee hygienic potable water quality.

Wir regeln das. Seit 1851

The claim can be used for a creative headline:

“Du regelst das.

With the new Unibox.“


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