Colour Scheme

Primary colours

Our primary colour cyan is used for the logo, superimposed symbol and spaces. This allows us to reinforce the colour as a recognisable differentiating characteristic of Oventrop.

Cyan is used as a highlight colour – with a proportion of max. 15%.

The base colour white provides the foundation for the visual appearance. Two grey tones round off the spectrum of the primary colours; they may be used for typographical applications, for example.

Anthracite PD – a darker version of anthracite – is used for product designs.

Pantone 2995 C
RAL 5012 Light Blue
NCS S 1069-B
Oracal 951 053 Bright Blue
C80 M0 Y0 K0
R0 G177 B235
HEX 00b1eb


C0 M0 Y0 K0
R255 G255 B255
HEX ffffff

Pantone Cool Grey 5 C
RAL 7004 Signal Grey
NCS S 2002-R50-B
Oracal 951 730 Simple Grey
C6 M5 Y0 K27
R194 G194 B200
HEX c2c2c8


Pantone Cool Grey 10 C
RAL 7011 Iron Grey
NCS S 6502-B
Oracal 951 713 Iron Grey
C15 M0 Y0 K75
R87 G94 B98
HEX 575e62

Anthracite PD only for product designs
Pantone Cool Grey 11 C
RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
NCS S 7500-N
Oracal 951 073 Dark Grey
C15 M0 Y0 K85   R64 G70 B73   HEX 404649

Secondary colours

For complex infographics and diagrams in which the range of primary colours is not sufficient, four secondary colours are available for further differentiation.

These can be used in colour gradients of 70%, 50% and 30%.

C0 M100 Y90 K5
R219 G7 B32
HEX db0720


C60 M95 Y0 K0
R131 G44 B135
HEX 832c87

C80 M0 Y60 K0
R0 G169 B132
HEX 00a984


C100 M0 Y0 K50
R0 G98 B139
HEX 00628b