Brand Sound & Voice

The Oventrop Sound Branding positions our brand acoustically. The precise translation of relevant brand values into musical-sound parameters creates an acoustic brand identity, which is an important part of our holistic corporate identity. A strong sound branding guarantees the immediate emotional charging of the brand, the increase of brand recognition and the differentiation from competitors..

The acoustic identity of Oventrop was developed along the guiding idea of "Intelligent Modularity" and therefore structured in the form of a sound architecture. The integration of brand-specific, material sounds gives the Oventrop sound a down-to-earth feel while at the same time emphasising the future-oriented and precision-loving orientation of the brand across all contact points.

Potential application fields for the Oventrop Sound Branding:


Video [online & offline]

Service phone 

Event & Trade fair

Digtal [App, Website, Social Media]


Brand Sound Architecture

Various brand-relevant values are translated into sound in a modular way as part of the Oventrop Brand Sound concept. Various instrumentation groups make the substantial characteristics of the brand audibly tangible, while materialistic sound facets emphasise the close connection to the products..


Brand Sound Modules

Our Oventrop Brand Sound Modules provide the acoustic basis for the sound adaptations at the respective contact points. The activating brand music is used when the aim is to inspire and motivate in terms of the brand [e.g. in product videos]. The Brand Soundscape in turn creates, if necessary, a calming & melodious atmosphere [at trade fairs or in telephone service]. 

Corporate Music

Corporate Soundscape

Corporate Soundlogo 

Corporate Jingle

Brand Voices

In the acoustic design of a brand, the voice is an important communicative performer, because it addresses people directly and, through its tonality, makes a decisive contribution to the sound effect and brand perception. The Oventrop voices were methodically derived in analogy to the sound system, whereupon a personally competent female voice and a committed competent male voice were fixed.

Corporate Voice Man

Corporate Voice Woman

Application example Service Design [Phone]