Our Super Sign

In its basic form, our super sign forms a ring and is divided into four segments. Depending on the application, you can place a single or several circle segments onto the layout.

The thickness of the circle and the gutter, which divides the circle into 4 segments, is fixed.

The corresponding circle segments are available for download on the brand portal.

Superzeichen 01
Use of the Super Sign

The procedure described below refers to the graphics program Adobe InDesign; different steps for implementing transparency may be required in other programs. It is important to achieve a result that comes as close as possible to these guidelines.

When placed onto an image, the Super Sign is set to blend mode “Multiply”. Next, the Super Sign is copied and inserted at the same position and then set to blend mode “Normal”. Depending on the brightness of the image, you can vary the transparency of the Super Sign in the blend mode “Normal”. An opacity between 20% and 40% is recommended. The image lying beneath the Super Sign should still be clearly recognisable


Download OV Super Sign